Seiri Consulting Group

Based in the Greater Atlanta Area region of Georgia, Seiri Consulting Group is a multinational privately held services company with a diverse set of strategic services across the world, working together to keep exploring new ways to make operating a business more efficient and even better for our clients.

Our service offerings might seem unrelated. Yet when you look deeper, a common goal ties them all together: To be the preferred partner for our customers by driving continuous improvement and transformation, and to make the life of their customers (and our end customer) even better.

Seiri Solutions:

  • Process Improvement & Operational Effectiveness

  • Organizational Development & Change Management

  • Human Capital & Workforce Management

  • Project Management

  • Vendor Management Systems (VMS)

  • Procurement Management Systems

  • Merchant Planning

  • Merchandising Management Systems (MMS)

MEA Designs:

  • Textile Designs

  • Creative Strategy

  • Logo Development

Seiri Properties:

  • Property Management

  • Rental Investment

  • Lawn Care Service

Seiri Marketing & Distribution:

  • Audio Video & Home Entertainment Systems

  • Automotive Parts

  • Building Materials

  • Security Systems

  • Sports Nutrition & Wellness Products